Piranh is an awesome underwater game where you play as a piranha and eat survivors in order to gain levels and size. The higher level you achieve the bigger your fish can grow however once you reach the next level your size resets. Because of this even if a fish is a higher level but smaller in size you can eat them, there are also several power ups available around the map that you can use to assist you.

    The movement is very fluent in Piranh.io, your fish follows your mouse incredibly smoothly you can use the left mouse button to boost your movement speed and space bar to use power ups.

    The concept is simple, swim around the ocean eating whatever’s in sight as long as they’re smaller than you of course, it is not recommended to swim into bigger fish! As you gain levels it will take more food in order to advance again but this allows you to grow bigger in size, one of my favourite things is the powers ups available to everyone around the map as it allows even the smallest fish a fighting chance. Just remember that you have boost available, I forgot a few times and got eaten at a high level.